Our Foundation

Eating as nature intended

We believe knowledge is power. That’s why we set up our foundation – to build likeminded communities through sharing knowledge, spreading the message and effecting change.

Acting as a hub for plant-based training where adults and children can learn about the provenance and nutritional value of food, we provide practical guidance on biodynamic farming and how to grow food at home for yourself, your family and local community.


Fighting hunger

As part of their emergency response plan, The Felix Project will continue providing their absolutely vital service to London organisations like food banks, community kitchens and other community groups serving the most vulnerable. The Felix Project is ensuring large volumes of food reach new hubs at as many sites as possible that have been created in each of the 33 boroughs and we are so proud to be able to support them in achieving this goal.

Supporting Refettorio Felix

Rebuilding communities

Refettorio Felix is a drop-in and therapeutic centre that believes in a better way to build and sustain a community of vulnerable and socially-isolated people. They celebrate the dignity and worth of the marginalised through an empathetic approach.
We will donate a £1 from each Middle Eastern Earth Bowl sold throughout the month of June.

Helping DROP4DROP transform lives

Sustainable clean water

We’ve partnered with clean water charity Drop 4 Drop because, just like them, we believe that clean water is a right, not a privilege. We’re supporting their work to help make clean water a reality for everyone around the world every day.

Supporting Wild at Heart Foundation

Animal welfare

Animal cruelty is sadly still common around the world, and in many countries there are no laws in place to protect the animals. We’re working with the Wild at Heart Foundation who work beyond borders to protect and improve the lives of animals in countries close to home and further afield.

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