Our story

Eating as nature intended

From the soil to the sun, everything above, below, and between us is connected.

But over time, our conscious knowledge of that connection has diminished, and with it, our intuitive understanding of food as medicine.

At Farmacy, we understand that eating can heal both us and our world.

That’s why we prepare our food in a way that respects everything between the soil and the stars. Our organic and biodynamic farming methods reconnect with the rhythm of nature, making every dish a celebration that is whole, healing, and delicious.

Our story connects, in its own small way, to a much bigger one.

One that raises our collective conscious, creating dishes that have the power to restore, rebalance, and heal.

Eat to heal, eat to live

The team

The team at Farmacy work as one collective whole. Equally valued and equally important, everyone who works with us is at the beating heart of all that we do.

Working closely together every day, each of us - from restaurant to farm - is a proud ambassador not only for Farmacy itself, but for the natural power of biodynamic eating. We pride ourselves on our ever-evolving knowledge of nutrition, and empower each other to share all that we know about eating to heal.

Camilla Fayed

The founder

Camilla began her journey into the world of plant-based living after the birth of her first child. She developed her knowledge of plant-based diets, nutrition and wellness long before they came into public consciousness.

Having experienced the powerful, healing benefits of a plant-based diet, and after her own extensive research and travels, Camilla was inspired to create Farmacy: a place where she could share her philosophy on nutrition and help bring the conscious eating revolution to London, and other cities around the world.

Food as medicine