Farmacy Detox & Gut Health Retreat

Friday the 27th September - Wednesday 2nd October 2024

Friday 27th September - Wednesday 2nd October 2024

Welcome to the Farmacy Detox and Gut Health Retreat created to provide you with the ultimate environment to nourish and detox your body and soul.

Taking place on Friday the 27th September - Wednesday 2nd October 2024 our retreat has been carefully curated by a team of trusted specialists to help our guests reset and support their gut health whilst empowering them along their personal health journey.

Join us at

Farmacy Detox &
Gut Health Retreat


Friday the 27th September  2024 12pm


Wednesday 2nd October 2024


Dunford House, Dunford Hollow, Midhurst GU29 0AF


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Farmacy Detox and Gut Health Retreat

At Farmacy, we recognise that the gut is at the centre of the body-mind system, digestion is the foundation of health, and every bite is an opportunity to improve the whole.

The Farmacy Retreat protocol has been designed by a select team of medical professionals, natural health experts, and leaders at the cutting edge of biohacking to ensure optimal health, well-being and longevity. Combined, our team has decades worth of experience and we are taking everything we have collectively learnt to provide the most educational and transformative 5-night experience. Our protocol aims to empower our guests to implement this knowledge in their everyday lives whilst also providing them with a resource that they can return to.

Our team of professionals are on hand 24/7 throughout the retreat.

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At Farmacy we believe the most empowering choices we can make are what we choose to eat and what we choose to feed our minds. By upgrading our nutrition and removing the intestinal parasites and toxins that accumulate in modern urban life, we can establish good gut health. This healthy centre in turn creates a new quality of awareness, allowing us to connect to the spirit within in order to make the best choices in our lives. The Farmacy Retreat protocol will teach you what mainstream medicine won’t, placing the power to maintain health back in your hands through the practical science of health.

Our whole intention with our retreats is to help our guests reclaim their inner and outer health whilst providing them with the space to reconnect and heal.

Our Specialised Farmacy Team


Founder Farmacy

Camilla Fayed is a mother of three, entrepreneur and pioneer of the plant-based food movement. A self-confessed ‘farmer at heart’, Camilla has witnessed first-hand the life altering benefits - both physical and mental - of a plant-based, local, and regenerative diet, which has turned her into an activist for food system transformation.

Driven by the desire to make the shift she experienced in her own life available to others, Camilla founded Farmacy in 2016 with the mission to serve transformational food that offers a different future.

Camilla believes that the way we eat becomes the way we think, and that the vitality of the mind can’t help but mirror the vitality of the soil. Food holds the power to be the detonator of a societal renaissance, regenerating our bodies, minds, and surroundings.

Aligning with the conviction that food can speak to every major crisis facing humanity, Farmacy collaborates with an array of initiatives totransform the food system, restore human health, and expand consciousness.

Katalin Cziranku

Colon Resculpting

Limited Spaces Available


What you can expect

  • Personalised retreat diagnostics. During the retreat guests will have the opportunity to provide a hair sample for Bioresonance hair testing. Bioresonance hair testing is a diagnostic tool that uses the root bulb of the hair to get a solid idea of any vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies, along with insight into the presence of heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, parasites, yeast, and fungus. This valuable knowledge helps uncover potential threats and enables us to work at rebalancing your body and take proactive steps towards optimal health. A 1:1 consultation will be conducted post retreat, via Zoom or phone call to discuss results and to share your personalised plan/recommendations.
  • Live blood analysis diagnostics via dark field microscopy with Dr. Jakobitsch. Live blood analysis (LBA) offers a non-invasive and real-time assessment of various health parameters through the examination of a small blood sample under a microscope. It provides valuable insights into cellular health, identifying nutrient deficiencies, oxidative stress, and potential imbalances in the body. LBA can aid in the early detection of health issues, such as inflammation, immune system dysfunction, and microbial infections, allowing for personalised interventions and preventative measures. Furthermore, it serves as a tool for monitoring the effectiveness of treatment protocols and lifestyle changes, empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards optimising their health and well-being.
  • Pre-retreat protocol to help optimise your retreat experience. This protocol will include information about the fasting element of the retreat, recommended foods and mindful practices to help you prepare for the retreat.
  • 5 nights accommodation at a newly renovated stunning Victorian manor in West Sussex. Set amongst 50 acres of majestic woodland and designed specifically to host wellness retreats.
  • Delicious organic plant-based food designed for healing and rejuvenation. You will go on a journey of re-setting and replenishing your gut through our organic produce and carefully crafted menu. Our food protocol is designed around a liquid fast day where your mind and body will experience the ultimate reset.
  • Fasting protocol and fasting experience.
  • Daily biohacking treatments and supplements to support your experience.
  • Colon Re-Sculpting, The Cziranku Method.
  • Daily movement/yoga classes. Our movement facilitator Hayley will lead you through a delicious movement experience each morning to prepare your mind and bodies.
  • Wild bathing. Set amongst the majestic woodland is a beautiful wild bath spot where guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves.
  • Sauna sessions. Set in the grounds is a beautiful sauna where we run daily sauna immersions.
  • Cold therapy exposure. Guests will have the opportunity to experience an ice bath each morning. Ice bathing not only assists with your detox it is also a fantastic way to boost your mood and reduce inflammation.
  • Welcome gift pack and Farmacy Retreat Bible. Upon arrival each guest will receive a gorgeous welcome pack along with a very detailed Farmacy Retreat Bible. This will become a practical resource throughout your retreat experience and assist with integration post-retreat.
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Additional therapies available to book during the retreat

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Visceral stomach massages
  • Facial reflexology
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Reiki

*please note that additional therapies come at an extra cost

Daily talks and workshops:

  • Nutrition Fundamentals. Setting the foundations for optimal nutrition, health and longevity.
  • Gut Health. How to heal our gut and why our gut health is so important.
  • The Importance of Fasting, and also how to break a fast.
  • Understanding Detox Pathways. How we can effectively detox.
  • How to Reduce your Toxic Load — in your home and in your everyday life.
  • Soil Science. The importance of our soil and its relationship to our health.

Evening Activities:

  • Opening ceremony
  • Sound Healing
  • Voice activation through singing and music
  • Mindful Movement and celebration
  • Fireside Sessions - discussion
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Sample Schedule

* please note that guest colonics and additional therapies will be running throughout the day

7-8am - Mindful mornings - journaling, walk, meditation

8-10am - Yoga, sauna, ice bathing

10-11am - Morning smoothie/Check in

11am-1pm - Workshop/Talk (See workshops/talks)

1-2pm - Light lunch

2-4pm - Workshop/Talk (See workshops/talks)

4-6pm - Free time/Additional therapies

6pm - Light dinner

7:30pm onwards -
Evening activity - Sound healing etc (See evening activities)

Our rooms

We have a range of rooms available to book. All have been lovingly restored and renovated ensuring a delightful guest experience.
Rooms include luxury bedding, fluffy bathrobes, natural and organic bath and shower products.

We have theee room types available, Executive, Deluxe and Classic Rooms.

Ex suite 6.jpg__PID:cde72ac3-0e9a-40b6-a1cc-532099bf7e2f

Executive Room

ex suite 6(1).jpg__PID:2ac30e9a-90b6-41cc-9320-99bf7e2f4f11

Executive Room

Ex suite 3.jpg__PID:4a97c743-3d19-444f-bd02-7873f6b3e1e3

Executive Room

Ex suite.jpg__PID:944a979c-b663-4b05-93d5-b9f3104134f3

Executive Room

Deluxe Room.jpg__PID:b6630b05-d3d5-49f3-9041-34f39f74a018

Deluxe Room



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