Farmacy x Cocos Organic Smoothies

New Summer Superfood Smoothies

Unleash the full splendour of summertime with our range of limited edition Farmacy x Cocos Organic Superfood Smoothies.

Featuring an abundance of health-boosting superfoods, the smoothies are blended with fresh fruits from our biodynamic garden and Cocos Organic Coconut Yogurts, which contain billions of live vegan cultures for a healthy and happy microbiome and are free from gluten and refined sugar!

Nourish and recharge with three delectable smoothie flavours to choose from; to kickstart your day opt for the Matcha Energiser featuring matcha and spirulina, while the Probiotic Strawberry & Chocolate is filled with all that gut-friendly goodness, and don’t miss out on the Activated Colada blended with reishi and hemp syrup — perfect for those looking to boost immunity.

Available until Sunday 6th August.



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